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Lumina Learning

Diversity should be a source of synergy, not a burden for the business.

Lumina Learning is collection of progressive psychometric tools of the new generation. These tools were made to benefit from the diversity of personalities and effect positive change on the individual, team, and organisational level. It provides a basis for the long-term development of employees, and thanks to its wide range of uses, it is a worthy investment in the human capital of the company.


Why does Lumina work and bring about positive change?

  • Lumina Learning tools are powerful because they are practical and inspirational.
  • Lumina provides an approach based on accepting diversity and paradoxes.
  • It does not sort people into boxes, it attempts to encompass the personality in its full diversity
  • The tool offers a unique view of the three personalities (everyday, preferred, under pressure) in the qualities that are manifested in a work context
  • This combination gives the participants new views of the possible resources and also highlights the options for adopting a more effective approach to one’s own potential.

Where and how to use Lumina tools

It offers a number of programme variants, tailored to individual client needs, and serves as the basis for personal and professional development programmes, competency development, building relationships, and understanding differences.

The outputs can be used for example to:

  • Set up personal development plans
  • Create development programmes
  • Developing the talents and leadership skills of key employees
  • Diagnosing the team climate
  • Solving conflicts within teams


The results of Lumina Spark psychological diagnostics can serve as the basis for making employee coaching and evaluation/development interviews more effective.

Lumina for real teams

Peak effectiveness of the programmes based on self-knowledge coming from Lumina can be reached in teams where there is real cooperation, and efficient communication and cooperation when solving tasks is vital for their successful functioning and reaching high quality outcomes.


Lumina Spark – The team provides deeper understanding of the personal qualities at the root of manifested behaviours that necessarily influence team cooperation. Their knowledge offers complex resources for accelerating their development as well as mutual understanding to the participants, which is crucial for effectively reaching team goals.


The aim of Lumina-based team programmes is to create a space for the team members to look more deeply at their own personality as well as the personality makeup of the team they work in. Using group activities they learn to perceive their mutual similarities and differences in order to appreciate why misunderstandings happen. They can take a look at how they behave in everyday situations as well as under pressure when stressed. In this way, they can slowly uncover the underlying reasons for certain behaviours and their effect on the surroundings, focusing on clearing up mutual expectations, the roles, and setting up effective communication.

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